Paraglider BartPE Plugins

FindFile Utility

Plugin for the FindFile utility used to find a file on a CD / USB drive where the drive letter is not known at runtime.


findfile <mediatype> <DriveLabel> <FileName>

<mediatype> = CD or USB

It will search all CD or all USB drives with the specified drive label and look in the root of the drive for the specified file. If the file is found it will output the full path of the found file.

Example usage:

net start wimfltr
If not exist %systemDrive%\Programs\. mkdir %systemDrive%\PROGRAMS
for /F "usebackqtokens=*" %%f in (`FindFile CD RAMPE PROGRAMS.WIM`) do imagex /mount %%f 1 %systemDrive%\PROGRAMS

This example searches all CD drives for a file named programs.wim in the root of the drive and mounts the wim file at X:\Programs assuming drive X: is the system drive.