Paraglider BartPE Plugins

Plugin for Utility to Run Prescan

This is a plugin for a utility to run the Norton Prescan 2004 Utility. The plugin and shell program were created by Paraglider. The Virus Definition update program is a modified and recompiled version of the Sherpya NaiUpdater program.


Copy the following files to the Files\Support\Prescan directory:


Download the file symcdefsi32.exe file and copy it to the directory Files\Virusdef.

Enviroment variables can be used to configure a proxy for the update program:

CURLOPT_PROXY : sets the proxy like http://myproxy:3128
CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD : in the form of user:password specifies proxy authentication
CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE : settings this value to SOCKS instruct the updater to use a socks proxy instead of default http

This program uses:
* curl library from

The Norton virus definitions can no longer be self extracted directly on PE. The plugin uses unrar.exe to extract from the exe and winrar to extract the definitions from the extracted zip file. The plugin command files assume that a winrar plugin with these two files is installed at:


Unrar can be found at:

Other alternatives to winrar to extract the definitions from the zip file can be found at:

From PE the definitions may be updated by selecting the 'Update Virus Definitions' link.