Paraglider BartPE Plugins

ServicesPE 0.5A Plugin

This is a pebuilder plugin for the remote services / device controller program named ServicesPE. Its an autoit script written by Korale. The source script is also included.

The plugin inf file should be edited to remove the comment character from the start of the appropriate line so that the language support file for the desired language is copied i.e.


should be changed to:


to enable German language support.

When the program starts it asks 'Do you want to load a REMOTE Hive'. If you respond yes then you will get a browse for folder dialog asking for the remote windows directory to be selected. Browse to the remote windows directory, e.g. c:\windows, and press OK. You should then see a list of the remote services.

Details on the plugin can be found at Forums Link.


ServicesPE {/l} {/t}

/l : load hive of local installation(s) without asking (overrides 'Load Remote Hive' dialog); still asks for install dir, if /t is not set

/t : get install dir from environment variable %target_root% (overrides manual selection, if %target_root% is set); does not check, if the value is true!