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Utility To Call ShellExecute API Function

This utility is for use with explorer plugins where the shortcuts are not manually created. It allows an object to be run normal, minimized, maximized or hidden:


ShellExecute {-h | -x | -m | -s} <ObjectToRun> {<ObjectParameters>}

  • -h : run the object hidden
  • -x : run the object maximized
  • -m : run the object minimized
  • -s : run as shell


    "PowerQuest Drive Image\Drive Image 2002 Backup",
     -h %SystemDrive%\Programs\DriveImage2002\di.cmd|

If you wish to run this program as the shell then this is configured as follows:

; Use explorer.exe as standalone shell called by XPELogon.exe
    "\Programs\ShellExecute\ShellExecute.exe /s /h autorun.cmd"

In this example ShellExecute will run the command file autorun.cmd hidden and stay resident for ever also hidden.

The autorun command file should resize your ram and then start explorer:

start /wait AutoRamResizer.exe
start XPELogon.exe