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PEInf Shell Extension

Shell Extension to update the enable Flag in a PEBuilder Inf File. This utility is used on the system where pebuilder is run and it adds an item to the right click context menu of a pebuilder inf file. The item added to the context menu depends on the current value of the Enable flag in the inf file. If its currently enabled then 'Disable PE Builder Inf File' is added to the context menu. If its currently disabled then 'Enable PE Builder Inf File' will be added to the context menu. Selecting either from the context menu will flip the value of the enabled flag.

The shell extension dll should be extracted from the zip file and copied to your pebuilder directory ( it does not actually matter where its copied ). Then go to the command line and change to the directory where you copied the dll and type:

regsvr32 peinf.dll

In the unlikely event that the extension dll causes problems it can be disabled by applying the included reg file to the registry:

regedit peinf.reg

To test the extension:

From explorer right click on any pebuilder inf file and it should add one of the two strings shown above to the context menu.