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RegOutInf Utility

This is a utility that duplicates the function of the :REG command from the ReaToGo rea.cmd file i.e. it outputs values from the registry to the command line in pebuilder inf file format.

Extracts a single value from a registry key and optionally all its values and those of its subkeys, outputting the data to an INF file.


RegOutInf  [-h?] [-s] [-t"<TextToOutput>"] "<KeyName>" ["<ValueName>"] > OUTFILE

KeyName = Registry key where value is located. Must start with HKLM, HKCU, or HKCR

ValueName =   Optional registry value to extracted. If not specified then all values in the key are processed. <ValueName> is specified as ""  to extract the default value of a registry key

-h? = Header selection (see below)

-s = All subkey values are to be extracted.

-t"<TextToOutput> = optional text to output. Output of this text is controlled by the -h parameter.

The optional -h parameter is used to control output of the section header ( [Software.AddReg] etc )  and of the optional <TextToOutput> text:

-h1blank line + <TextToOutput> value + section header + registry value
-h2blank line + section header + registry value
-h3blank line + registry value
-h4section header + registry value
-h5registry value only
-h6<TextToOutput> value + registry value

Example calls:

RegOutInf -h5 "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" "RegisteredOwner" >> OUTFILE

RegOutInf -h1 -t"this is my example text" "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" >> OUTFILE