Paraglider BartPE Plugins

ToUpper Utility

This is a utility to convert specified file names to uppercase.


ToUpper {/s} <FileSpecifier>

This program will scan all the files that match the wild card in the <FileSpecifier> parameter and upper case any file names that are not already uppercased. If /s is specified then it will recurse into sub-directories.

It usually will be invoked by configuring PeBuilder to run a command file instead of mkisofs.

Assuming the program is called in wrapper.cmd, which is called by the fake mkisofs written by Sherpya, then the following will upper case all the files required for a BartPE CD to boot:

ToUpper %2\*
ToUpper /s %2\i386\*

If ezboot is used then also add this:

ToUpper %2\ezboot\*