Paraglider BartPE Plugins

UpdateInfs Utility

This is a utility to scan inf files and comment out the CopyFiles, DelFiles, UpdateInis lines which cause plug and play hardware detection to fail.

This utility is no longer required. The update to the inf files is performed by the InfCacheBuild ( version ) utility.


UpdateInf <Path To Inf Directory\*.inf>

This program will scan all the files that match the wild card and for any lines that start with:

  1. CopyFiles it will replace with ;CpyFiles.
  2. DelFiles it will replace with ;DlFiles.
  3. UpdateInis it will replace with ;UdateInis

It usually will be invoked by configuring PeBuilder to run a command file instead of mkisofs.


Assuming a command file build.cmd is used then the [BuildISO] section of PEBuilder.inf should be changed to:

exec="build.cmd ""@IsoFile@"" ""@OutDir@"""

An example build.cmd file can be found in the zip file:

if X%1X == XX ( echo Missing parameter & goto :end) 
if X%2X == XX ( echo Missing parameter & goto :end) 
UpdateInfs %2\i386\inf\*.inf
InfCacheBuild %2

mkisofs.exe -iso-level 4 -volid "BartPE" -A PEBUILDER/MKISOFS 
            -sysid "Win32" -b bootsect.bin -no-emul-boot 
            -boot-load-size 4 -hide bootsect.bin 
            -hide boot.catalog -o %1 %2