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Paraglider WinBuilder Utilities

These are utilities to help in the managing / generation of winbuilder scripts or projects. They require .NET 2.0 framework or later to be installed.

Download UtilityUtility InformationUtilitiy DateDetails
ConvRegToInfConvert Reg File To Pebuilder Inf / Winbuilder Script File ( 30th, 2015 
RegShot Source
Regshot 1.9.0 ( PG ) March 30th, 2015Usage
Restore Script State ( Jan 19th, 2019Usage
Save Script State ( Jan 19th, 2019Usage
WBDownloadWinbuilder Project Manager ( )Jan 7th, 2019Usage
WBZipMgr Installer
WBZipMgr Installer(x64)
Winbuilder Script File Attachment Manager ( )March 30th,2015Usage

Last Updated: 01/19/2019